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Scorpions - 1980 Animal MagnetismThe Zoo
Scorpions 1980The Zoo
Scorpions - "Animal Magnetism" (1980)The Zoo
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism (1980)8. The Zoo
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism (1980)The Zoo
Scorpions - 1980 - Animal Magnetism08 - The zoo
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    ScorpionsThe Zoo (1980)
    ScorpionsThe Temple Of The King
    ScorpionsDancing With The Moonlight
    3:59 | 9.2МБ
    ScorpionsDancing with the moonlight ( New song, Live )
    3:40 | 8.4МБ
    The Scorpions(Зэ бич ис хангри,щи нидс ту тэл)))Rock You Like A Hurricane
    4:12 | 5.8МБ
    Саундтреки к "Сверхъестественному" 1.08 Жуки ( Bags )The Scorpions-No One Like You
    Scorpions As HuntersFuchs Geh Voran (Fox On The Run)
    3:11 | 6МБ
    Scorpions (The Hunters)Fuchs Geh Voran (Fox Of The Run)
    3:17 | 7.7МБ
    ScorpionsFuchs Geh Voran (Fox On The Run)
    3:18 | 7.6МБ
    ScorpionsTake me to the magic
    7:36 | 8.7МБ
    ScorpionsRythm Of The Love.mp3
    3:48 | 3.5МБ
    ScorpionsThe Rythm of Love
    3:49 | 4.4МБ
    Best Rock Ballads (Compilation)When The Smoke Is Going Down (Scorpions)
    3:50 | 7МБ
    Сверхъестественное 1 сезон (Supernatural) - 2005The Scorpions - No One Like You
    3:56 | 9.1МБ
    ScorpionsRaised On Rock (Sting In The Tail 2010)
    3:57 | 7.5МБ
    ScorpionsRemember the Good Times
    4:24 | 10.1МБ
    The ScorpionsWind of change
    I follow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change An..
    ScorpionsSting In The Tail
    I was born in a hurricane Nothing to lose and everything to gain Ran before I ..
    3:15 | 7.4МБ
    ScorpionsWhen the Smoke Is Going Down
    Just when you make your way back home I find some time to be alone I go to see ..
    Romantic collection- ScorpionsFly with the wind (White Dove)
    4:21 | 4МБ
    ScorpionsDust In The Wind [Acoustica, Kansas cover]
    3:49 | 4.4МБ
    ScorpionsThe Show Must Go On
    4:20 | 5МБ
    ScorpionsWhite dove (Fly with the wind)
    4:16 | 3.9МБ
    SCORPIONSSting In The Tail (2010) 7 - Lorelei
    4:32 | 6.3МБ
    Iron MaidenThe Zoo (Scorpions cover)
    5:55 | 5.4МБ
    ScorpionsThe Moment of a Million Years
    3:38 | 3.3МБ
    ScorpionsNo Limit (Sting In The Tail 2010)
    3:23 | 5.4МБ
    ScorpionsAcross The Universe (The Beatles Cover)
    3:19 | 7.6МБ
    ScorpionsSoul Behind The Face
    4:00 | 4.6МБ
    ScorpionsWhere The River Flows
    4:11 | 4.8МБ
    ScorpionsThe Good Die Young (Bonus)
    5:15 | 12.1МБ
    ScorpionsChildren Of The Revolution
    3:33 | 6.6МБ
    ScorpionsWe'll Burn The Sky
    6:26 | 8.9МБ
    ScorpionsThe Cross
    4:28 | 4.1МБ
    Scorpions+Joe CocerSend me the angel
    6:19 | 5.8МБ
    The ScorpionsHoliday
    Let me take you far away You’d like a holiday Let me take you far away You’d..
    6:18 | 14.4МБ
    ScorpionsPassion Rules The Game
    Stranded in this town My machine slows down To take me where the night begins4:00 | 5.5МБ
    ScorpionsAll Day And All Of The Night
    The ScorpionsI am still loving you
    6:11 | 5.7МБ
    The ScorpionsNo One Like You
    Girl, it's been a long time that we've been apart Much too long for a ..
    3:56 | 9МБ
    ScorpionsAre You The One
    ScorpionsThe Future Never Dies
    I'm lost in your eyes Reaching out to cross the great divide You are drifti..
    4:03 | 3.7МБ
    Scorpions ft. Tarja TurunenThe Good Die Young
    Scorpions and The London Symphony OrchestraWind of change
    7:36 | 6.8МБ
    Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraStill Loving You
    ScorpionsFly with the wind (White Dove)
    4:21 | 4МБ
    The ScorpionsHere I Am
    4:34 | 8.4МБ
    SUB-ZERO vs. SCORPION(Mortal Kombat Defenders of the realm)
    2:52 | 6.6МБ
    Scorpionsunder the same san
    The ScorpionMEGADEATH
    MegaDeaththe scorpion
    The ScorpionsWe will rise again
    ScorpionsDont stop on a the top
    ScorpionsDoes Anyone Know (The Best)
    The ScorpionsRock You Like A Hurricane
    It's early morning, The sun comes out. Last night was shaking And pretty..
    ScorpionsSing for the moment
    ScorpionsThe Game Of Live
    The ScorpionsLonely Night
    The ScorpionsLonely Nights
    Since you're gone There is an empty space Since you're gone The worl..
    Scorpion Skeleton ft. NoisFrom The Darkside
    Scorpions (In Trance) 4Top Of The Bill
    ScorpionsTop Of The Bill (In Trance)
    Scorpions - In Trance (1975)Top Of The Bill
    The ScorpionsIn Trance
    I wake up in the morning And the sun begins to shine The day did sneak up on th..
    Scorpions & Tarja TurunenThe Good Die Young (New Version)
    The ScorpionsWhen You Came Into My Life Lyrics
    EskimoThe Scorpion
    ScorpionsAcross The Universe
    Scorpion WindThe Path Of The Cross
    Scorpions+Joe CokcerSend me the angel
    MEGADETH - The System Has Failed (2004)The Scorpion
    Megadeth [The System Has Failed]The Scorpion
    Scorpions feat. Tarja TurunenThe Good Die Young
    Scorpions(новый альбом)The Good Die Young
    Monster MagnetKiss Of The Scorpion
    The ScorpionsMaybe I Maybe You
    The ScorpionsВетер перемен
    ➨ScorpionsDust In The Wind акустика
    The ScorpionsHoliday (акустика)
    Alan SilvestriThe Legend Of The Scorpion King
    Scorpions 1977The Sails Of Charon
    Yngwie J. Malmsteen07. The Sails Of Charon {Scorpions cover}
    ScorpionsThe Sails Of Charon (VinylRip)
    ScorpionsThe Sails Of Charon
    12 StonesMy Life (OST The Scorpion King)
    Scorpions — Still Loving You...If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Yes, I've hurt your pride
    The Scorpions(cover)Big City Nights
    The ScorpionsBig City Nights
    When the daylight is falling down into the night And the sharks try to cut a big p..
    Scorpions+Joe CoccerSend me the angel
    Scorpions1974 FLY TO THE RAINBOW - 03 Drifting Sun
    7:43 | 8.8МБ
    ScorpionsDon't Stop At The Top
    4:02 | 9.3МБ
    ScorpionsThe Zoo (Animal Magnetism)
    5:32 | 12.7МБ
    The ScorpionsWhen You Came Into My Life
    5:28 | 7.5МБ
    ScorpionsLet's Rock! - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    Sting In The Tail. | 04:47 | 4.2МБ
    ScorpionsAs soon as the good times roll - Альбом: Love at first sting.
    Love at first sting. | 08:17 | 7.3МБ
    ScorpionsSly - Альбом: Sting in the Tail.
    She was born with a song in the air In the summer of 85 The clouds just went an..
    Sting in the Tail. | 07:58 | 7.1МБ
    ScorpionsThe Best Is Yet To Come - Альбом: Sting in the Tail.
    Across the desert plains Where nothing dares to grow I taught you how to sing<..
    Sting in the Tail. | 07:25 | 6.6МБ
    ScorpionsSlave Me - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    LIfe is kinds of dragon Living in his town I'm never looking back No cha..
    Sting In The Tail. | 02:50 | 6МБ
    ScorpionsSpirit Of Rock - Альбом: Sting in the Tail.
    We are in the ocean Every kind of fish We are a human rainbow We are whatev..
    Sting in the Tail. | 06:26 | 5.7МБ
    ScorpionsNo Limit - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    Music: Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Eric Bazilian Lyrics: Klaus Meine, Rudo..
    Sting In The Tail. | 03:31 | 7.4МБ
    ScorpionsLorelei - Альбом: Sting in the Tail.
    There was a time when we sailed on together Once had a dream that we shared on th..
    Sting in the Tail. | 07:00 | 6МБ
    ScorpionsTurn You On - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    Yeah! Let's fly away from here And scream if you like it The word of..
    Sting In The Tail. | 04:23 | 6.7МБ
    ScorpionsRaised On Rock - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    I was born in a hurricane Nothing to lose and everything to gain Ran before I w..
    Sting In The Tail. | 03:37 | 7МБ
    ScorpionsRock Zone - Альбом: Sting In The Tail.
    You let me in but won’t let me out You hold the key to what it’s all about I he..
    Sting In The Tail. | 03:26 | 7.2МБ
    ScorpionsThe Good Die Young - Альбом: Sting in the Tail.
    You wake up Watch the world go 'round You shiver Feeling upside do..
    Sting in the Tail. | 09:14 | 8.2МБ

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    К началу нового тысячелетия и ровно через 35 лет после основания немецкой рок-группы SCORPIONS Клаус Майне ( Klaus Meine), Рудольф Шенкер ( Rudolf Schenker) и Маттиас Ябс (Matthias Jabs) могут вместе пролистать страницы из их впечатляющей истории в международном музыкальном бизнесе. Как и на многих подростков в послевоенной Германии, на Клауса Майне и Рудольфа Шенкера повлияла музыка и другие прелести современной жизни, принесённые на их Родину американскими солдатами: Элвис Пресли, жевательная резинка, синие джинсы, кожаные жилеты и, в первую очередь, рок-н-ролл.

    Жанры: rock, classic rock, hard rock, 80s, metal, german, heavy metal, hair metal, The Scorpions, 70s, 60s

    Предлагаем послушать: Scorpions, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen

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