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Apokaliptycaand sandra( guano apes)
3:24 | 3.1МБ
Guano ApesSnowbord
3:46 | 5.2МБ
Guano ApesLord of the snowbord
3:43 | 3.4МБ
Гуано АпесЛорды борда
3:46 | 3.5МБ
гуано апесrain
4:34 | 6.9МБ
гуано апесбрик тхе лайн
3:31 | 4.9МБ
струнный квартет Гуано АпесБиг ин Шопен (вариации на тему Альфавилль)
2:55 | 2.7МБ
appocaliptica feat. guano apes (sandra nasik)the path
3:23 | 4.7МБ
Guano ApesClose To The Sun
3:45 | 6.9МБ
Guano ApesQuetly / HRT
2:23 | 3.3МБ
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    Astral TearsQuetly (Guano Apes acoustic cover)
    3:39 | 5МБ
    Guano apesQuetly
    3:37 | 5МБ
    Guano ApesYou Can T Stop Me
    3:07 | 4.3МБ
    Guano ApesLivi'n In A Lie
    GUANO APESбиг джопен ремикс
    Guano ApesAll I wanna do
    All I wanna do is to rock with you All I wanna do is to make it up on you (?)<..
    Guano ApesFanman
    We are lying In a terrible waste of a night As you're sliding with your mou..
    Guano ApesNo Speach
    Guano Apes vs Dj TomekkBeat of life
    Dj 2nite feat. Guano ApesZombie (Electro-House Mix 2010 )
    Guano Apes (live at Wonderworld 1998 Frankfurt)Crossing The Deadline
    Guano Apes (live at Bizarre 2001)Crossing the deadline
    Guano ApesCrossing The Deadline
    The sand, the sand it covers the land it's just a victim you didn't sto..
    МНОГОТОЧИЕ - Зачем я нужен тебе...а минус у Guano Apes пизданули
    Guano ApesBig in Gapan
    Guano ApesLords of the Bords
    Guano ApesPaith /Apocaliptica Cover/
    Guano ApesRunning Out The Darkness (2011)
    Guano ApesOh What A Night (2011)
    Guano ApesScatch The Pitch
    Guano ApesKumba Yo!
    Go tell it to the mountains that you believe It's the word of the only command..
    Guano ApesDreamin
    Guano ApesYour song
    Guano Apes - Cumba yaБез названия
    Guano Apes(X Factor 2012)
    Guano Apes & ApocalyptikaPath
    Apacaliptica & Guano ApesI'm Sorry
    Apacaliptica & Guano Apes-I sorryБез названия
    Guano ApesWhen the Ships Arrive - Альбом: Bel Air
    I leave you tomorrow When you hunt my shadow You treat me like horror I&#..
    Bel Air | 40
    Guano Apesshe's a killer - Альбом: Bel Air
    Bel Air | 06:06 | 5.4МБ
    Guano Apestiger - Альбом: Bel Air
    1 I know the coolest cat She’s living high on a mountain Here she comes aga..
    Bel Air | 04:03 | 3.6МБ
    Guano Apessunday lover - Альбом: Bel Air
    I always take it easy And I'm gonna make you feel good So tell me all the s..
    Bel Air | 07:01 | 6.2МБ
    Guano ApesOh What A Night
    That girl was hot And ready to go She's a mess from her heavy metal And ..
    Guano ApesMove A Little Closer
    I'm dancing without my shoes temperature's risin' high I turn aroun..
    Guano ApesTribute
    This is a grave day People wanna hear it People wanna smell it They give you..
    Guano ApesScapegoat
    I will pray to lord I run too far away from home But I, when I will cross..
    Guano ApesSuzie
    Hello, my name is Suzie and I dream for a better, better glory god bless you an..
    Guano ApesPlastic Mouth
    It's a long life a long life you have to live for only a short time exit..
    Guano ApesDiokhan
    Stand up don’t sit in the dark or should i call out the name of d.k. the pen..
    Guano ApesCounting The Days
    When you"RE down putting nothing but a mask And you GET UP and you"re ru..
    Guano ApesMoney & Milk
    Guano Apes — Fire In Your Eyes [mp3tons.ru]
    Guano ApesDon't You Turn Your Back on Me
    Не смей отворачиваться от меня Парень, ты меня убиваешь Своей забавной улыб..
    Guano ApesElectric Nights
    I Close my eyes And forever that's the time When we were broken Hey you&..
    Guano ApesCrossing The Deadine
    Guano ApesSugar Skin
    Speak your word leave a sign no more critics lay it down worst demean ..
    Guano ApesKiss The Dawn
    Loaded forecast on you the pants are tight you are ready to use searching fo..
    Guano ApesDick
    Guano ApesWash It Down
    Imagine all the words we're spitting would be killing inside being trappe..
    Guano ApesMaria
    Maria, ... Raw muscles in you and you kill for the thrill to get into this<..
    Guano Apes - We use the pain
    Could you step away, I'm a vicious girl could you fill the break we're ..
    Guano Apes - Get busy
    What I am, what I am getting older what I need is a man by my shoulder what I a..
    guano apes - living in a lie
    Don’t give me names You’ve got it all, you took it all away Drive me insane ..
    guano apes - dodel up
    Do you really feel the same With your cigarette lying between your lips Why do ..
    Guano ApesRain
    I'm alone can't wait until I feel your rain so unreal can't find..
    Guano ApesNever Born
    Love is like a shelter Brings me through the storm Life is full of anger May..
    Guano ApesToo Close To Leave
    To be with you you’re so sweet your naked body lies next to mine and we’re h..
    Guano ApesScratch The Pitch
    The lines fade away they dissapear the colour of your lips wants to move on<..
    Guano ApesPrince p.a.l.
    Guano ApesSing That Song
    Wrecking the best of me see me front onto past disease what’s up wrecking th..
    Guano ApesMaria (D B Smooth Mix)
    Apocalyptica with Sandra Nasic from Guano ApesPath (remix)
    Guano ApesPrince P.A.L. - ClubMix - Альбом: Don't You Turn Your Back On Me
    Don't You Turn Your Back On Me | 1999 | Alt. Rock | 03:47 | 4.3МБ
    Guano ApesDon't You Turn Your Ba...
    Guano ApesLords o? the Boards - Альбом: Best
    Best | Hardcore | 03:43 | 3.4МБ
    Guano ApesStorm - Альбом: Walking On A Thin Line
    Come come try draw your scale try to make it special don't throw it all ..
    Walking On A Thin Line
    Guano ApesCan't stop me
    Guano ApesLoards Of Boards
    Guano ApesHigh - Альбом: Walking on a Thin Line [Limited-Cloth-Bound-Edition]
    So hello, how is it been Twentyfive years is still the same Is it's me the ..
    Walking on a Thin Line [Limited-Cloth-Bound-Edition]
    MAXIMUM - БиС - СУБТ...GUANO APES - Lords Of The Boards
    02:18 | 3МБ
    Guano ApesAnne Claire
    Weak her bones, cold her breath praying fearfully in the moment of death feels ..
    05:37 | 5МБ
    Guano ApesI Want It
    I'm feeling like an angel I'm feeling like a buttercup we're sailin..
    03:19 | 3МБ
    Guano ApesInnocent Greed
    Твоя причина глубока Моя жадность глубже Я могу видеть всё Между нами ничего..
    03:51 | 3МБ
    Guano ApesPlastic Mouth (c-ball & kaa mix)
    04:10 | 3МБ
    Guano Apes - Gogan
    I'm a little creature just a tiny fool the whipper snapper to be your fu..
    Guano ApesMaria (d+b smooth mix)
    guano apes-quietly
    Quietly. Explodes your love Your insecurity is so soft to me I can’t let you br..
    Guano Apes -Lords Of The Boards
    Под ногами моими - сноуборд И с ним я взлетаю вверх, и с ним я падаю вниз Но..
    Guano Apes - pretty in scarlet
    We slept a while To turn it off And get it out of our minds I slept a while<..
    Guano Apes - Big In Japan
    Winter's city-side Crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wi..
    Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
    Open Your Eyes (оригинал Guano Apes) Hide your face forever Dream and sear..
    Guano Apes - You Can't Stop Me
    Someone who's coming out to see the light of our destination A maniac neurotic..
    Guano Apesmoney_and_milk - Альбом: Don't Give Me Names
    Don't Give Me Names | 2000 | Alt. Rock | 02:38 | 3.6МБ
    Guano ApesToo Close Too Leave - Альбом: Don?t Give Me Names
    Don?t Give Me Names | 03:33 | 3.2МБ
    Guano ApesHeaven - Альбом: Don?t Give Me Names
    The night comes I am not at home Bodies next to me On the ground Suns are..
    Don?t Give Me Names | 04:59 | 4.6МБ
    Guano ApesMoney And Milk - Альбом: Don?t Give Me Names
    Don?t Give Me Names | 02:39 | 2.4МБ
    Guano ApesNo Speech - Альбом: Don?t Give Me Names
    Ready to take off, do it slow I’m living on the bottom, I’ve got to go Five lit..
    Don?t Give Me Names | 03:30 | 3.2МБ
    Guano ApesOpen Your Eyes - Extended Club Mix - Альбом: Open Your Eyes - Remix Edition
    Open Your Eyes - Remix Edition | Other | 05:00 | 4.6МБ
    Guano ApesLord Of The Boards
    Alternative | 03:41 | 4.2МБ
    Guano ApesMine All MIne - Альбом: Don't Give Me Names
    See the signs, you left behind I won't run into the trap, something's w..
    Don't Give Me Names | 2000 | Alt. Rock | 03:48 | 4.4МБ
    Guano ApesMoney & Milk - Альбом: Don't Give Me Names
    You want to live so perfect In a world of money and milk Your time goes by I..
    Don't Give Me Names | 2000 | Alt. Rock | 02:38 | 3МБ
    Guano ApesBreak The Line - Альбом: Planet Of The Apes (Best Of)
    you can get it come and climb under my skin overtake it pushing me on a f..
    Planet Of The Apes (Best Of) | 2004 | Rock | 03:31 | 4.9МБ
    Guano ApesGuano Apes - Open Your Eyes - Альбом: Proud Like a God
    Proud Like a God | 1999 | Other | 01:02 | 1МБ
    Guano ApesOpen Your Eyes (Atomix Electro Remix) - Альбом: PROMO
    PROMO | 2008 | House | 07:15 | 10МБ

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    История этого коллектива началась в 1994 году в немецком городе Гёттингене, где вместе играли друзья - басист Стефан Уде, ударник Деннис Пошватта и гитарист Хеннинг Реминепп. Никто про них и не знал, и возможно они так бы и остались в безвестности, не зайди парни как-то в бар, в котором работала Сандра Насич. После изрядного употребления пива компания начала распевать песни, и так хорошо у них это получалось, что Сандра тоже к ним присоединилась. Тут настала очередь удивляться парням, т.к. им до сих пор не доводилось слышать такого мощного голоса. Read more about Guano Apes on Last.fm.

    Жанры: rock, alternative rock, alternative, female vocalists, german, hard rock, crossover, metal, Nu Metal, alternative metal, rapcore

    Предлагаем послушать: Sandra Nasic, Exilia, Mittermeier vs. Guano Babes, Papa Roach, Godsmack

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