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Britney Spears - Ooh Ooh Baby

Исполнитель: Britney Spears
Песня: Ooh Ooh Baby
Привев: yeah, yeah - Your voice is like music to my ears, - Whisper softly and the world just disappears - Take me higher and just wipe away my fears, - If you're with me - Oh boy, it's my heartbeat that I hear - Ooh, ooh baby - Touch me and I come alive - I can feel you on my lips - I can feel you deep inside - In your arms I finally breathe - Wrap me up in all your love - That's the oxygen I need, yeah - You're fillin' me up - You're fillin' me up with your love - baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Текст песни →
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Britney Spears - Ooh Ooh Baby
The way you smile, the way you taste You know I have an appetite for sexy things
Britney SpearsOoh_ooh_baby
Britney Spears® Riya collectionsOoh Ooh Baby® Riya collections
Britney Spears okmp3.ru — Womanizer
Other | 03:45 | 7МБ
Britney SpearsCircus - Альбом: Circus
There's only two types of people in the world The ones that entertain, and the..
Circus | 2008 | Pop | 03:09 | 2.9МБ
Britney SpearsWomanizer
Superstar, where you from, how's it going? I know you, gotta clue whatcha doin..
03:45 | 3.4МБ
Britney SpearsPiece Of Me - Альбом: Funky New Year 2009: Pop/Rnb
I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17 Don’t matter if I step on the scene Or s..
Funky New Year 2009: Pop/Rnb | 2008 | Top 40 | 03:30 | 5.4МБ
Baby Face ThugBaby Face Thug - Baby Beat
03:43 | 3МБ
Britney SpearsEverytime - Альбом: In The Zone
Notice me Take my hand Why are we Strangers when Our love was strong? ..
In The Zone | 03:59 | 5.1МБ
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    Britney SpearsOoh Ooh Baby
    The way you smile, the way you taste You know I have an appetite for sexy things
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    PlayerBaby Come Back
    Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town Doing anything just to ..
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    bounce come on bounce bounce come on bounce i slam the door (boom) when i co..
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    I Can't Quit You, Baby (Dixon) I Can't Quit You, Baby, so I'm..
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    Sorry Is all that you can't say Years gone by and still Words don't ..
    Make The Girl DanceBaby Baby Baby
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    Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For? - Альбом: Love.Angel.Music.Baby
    What an amazing time What a family How did the years go by Now it's only..
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    Cinephiliac 2007 | 2007 | Welsh Post-Rock | 03:35 | 5.5МБ
    RamonesThe Kkk Took My Baby Away - Альбом: RAMONESmania
    She went away for the holidays Said she's going to L.A. But she never got t..
    RAMONESmania | 1988 | Rock | 02:32 | 2.9МБ
    Britney SpearsHeaven On Earth - Альбом: Original Doll
    Your touch Your taste Your breath Your face Your hands Your head ..
    Original Doll | 2007 | Pop | 04:51 | 6.7МБ
    Timid TigerWomanizer (Britney Spears cover)
    04:30 | 7.2МБ
    Pizzicato FiveBaby Love Child
    When I see you alone, I see what's in your mind. You love me yes you do,JPop | 03:31 | 3.2МБ
    Burning SpearMarcus Garvey
    Reggae | 03:27 | 4.7МБ
    Garbage - Run Baby Run
    Love can be so strange Don't it amaze you? Every time you give yourself awa..
    Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back
    I like big butts and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny That when..
    Britney SpearsShattered Glass
    Ha-uh, ha-uh, ha-uh Haaaaaaaaaaaa, hmm Ha-uh, ha-uh, ha-uh Haaaaaaaaaaaa ..
    HeartthrobBaby Kate
    MetricCombat Baby - Альбом: http://www.ilovemetric.com
    We used to leave the blue lights on and there was a beat Ever since you have been ..
    Britney Spearsmy prerogative - Альбом: My Prerogative-(Full Promo CDS)
    They say im crazy I really dont care Thats my prerogative They say im na..
    My Prerogative-(Full Promo CDS) | 2004 | Hip-Hop | 03:35 | 5.7МБ
    Britney SpearsOutrageous - Альбом: My Prerogative (Proper Retail)
    Sexy as I wanna be Got these fellas chasing me It's about time I hit the st..
    My Prerogative (Proper Retail) | 2004 | Pop | 03:29 | 5.6МБ
    The BeatlesBaby You're A Rich Man - Альбом: Magical Mystery Tour
    Magical Mystery Tour | Classic Rock | 03:03 | 2.7МБ
    Britney SpearsStronger - Альбом: Oops I Did It Again
    Hush, just stop There’s nothing you can do or say, baby I’ve had enough I’m ..
    Oops I Did It Again | 2000 | Pop | 03:23 | 3.1МБ
    Britney SpearsToy Soldier
    Yeah smash on the radio, bet I penned it! Britney, (break me off, OHHHH) T..
    Rod StewartBaby Jane
    Baby Jane don't leave me hanging on the line I knew you when you had no..

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